General Description

To provide the latest in integrated high-speed/high-efficiency Error Correction and Encryption solutions, NewCore is making available a family of synchronous wireless transport multiplexers to address the 28, 29.65, 40, 50, 56, 100, and 112 MHz RF North-American and International channelizations.

This family is characterized by unique key operational features, as well as their application to 155.52Mb/s, 311.04Mb/s, and 622.08Mb/s synchronous as well as other data networks. These solutions may be used in Synchronous Optical transport. They are easily integrated into current and future designs.

Secure DSS / DBS / DVB-S / DVB-S2 / DVB-T custom network solutions.

Solutions are available in FPGA form. ASIC solutions can be tailored to specific applications.

Furthermore, custom solutions can be made available to meet specific applications.

Transport Overhead MUX

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High-Speed Modem Specifications

  • MDM-HS1A : 16 QAM fully digital high-speed modem.
  • MDM-HS2A : 32 QAM fully digital high-speed modem.
  • MDM-HS3A : 64 QAM fully digital high-speed modem.
  • MDM-HS4A : 128 QAM fully digital high-speed modem.
  • MDM-HS5A : 256 QAM fully digital high-speed modem.

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Integrated Transport Overhead MUX & High-Speed Modem

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