NEWCORE possesses vast and extensive experience in the design and turnkey implementations of Wireless, Microwave, Millimeter-wave, and Optical transmission networks. These systems include state-of-the-art and advanced concentrators, switches, and communications equipment. Our experiences are:

  • Design & Implementation of long-haul Microwave and Optical systems.
  • Site Surveys.
  • Path Design.
  • Equipment performance evaluation.
  • Training.
  • Project management.
  • Project implementation and supervision.
  • Versed in North American and International Standards.
  • Design of complex system architectures to achieve performance objectives.
  • In-depth knowledge of ITU-T, ITU-R, ANSI, and other standards.
  • Team knowledge spans digital/analog/high frequencies (into Millimeter-wave) designs.
  • Designed systems are currently operating in North American and International locations.

NEWCORE Experience in Providing Microwave & Optical Networks

NEWCORE team has been in the high capacity, digital radio and optical transmission businesses in North America since the late 70’s, with experience in state-of-the-art and advanced transmission techniques.

NEWCORE Team engineered and project managed more than 140 microwave routes in Canada, US, Africa , Asia, South America and Europe. Our capabilities include:

  • Route Design: Selecting repeater sites, tower locations and equipment specifications.
  • Equipment Evaluation: Microwave radio and antenna systems, wired & optical multiplexers and cross connects, network management and power systems.
  • Field Services: Including site surveys, installation supervision and program management.
  • System Acceptance: Development of acceptance test plan for end-to-end system performance.
  • Design Optimization: Selecting the optimum solution to reduce capital and operating costs while improving overall system performance. Trade-off between technologies, fiber build-Vs, radio build-Vs leased lines.
  • Program Management: Projects are managed in their entirety. It starts with the contract finalization to include field updated data, project schedules and weekly status reports, ordering, billing and coordinating between the Customer and NEWCORE’s OEM partners. Projects will be completed when the system has met its design objectives and all drawings and documentation are delivered.

NEWCORE Experience in Providing Systems Engineering

NEWCORE engineers have extensive network planning and systems engineering experience and have worked with many operators in providing system plans to optimize transmission networks through Fiber, Microwave, and a combination of both.

Systems Engineering Highlights:

  • Network planning, configuration, optimization and evolution.
  • Project feasibility studies, frequency coordination, interference analysis, and radio path design including availability trade off analysis & survivability.
  • Project implementations, site surveys, OEM equipment search & selection, NEWCORE detailed equipment list, system layouts, drawings, documentation and updates of job records.
  • Factory & field acceptance test plans and execution, support of installation field engineering.

Training, Technical Service & Support, Warranty

NEWCORE recognizes that for the efficient operation & maintenance of any network, it is important that both Customer and NEWCORE technical personnel receive the required training. Our experience includes providing classroom training on the operation, maintenance, installation, and commissioning of the network equipment.