Active Solutions

  • Low Noise BaseBand/Intermediate Frequency (BB/IF) communication Amplifiers.
  • BB/IF Communication Amplifiers (Fixed or with Automatic Gain Control (AGC)).
  • BB/IF Wide-Tuning Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (WT-VCXO), with Sine or Digital outputs.
  • BB/IF active filters Equalized/non-Equalized.
  • Other BB/IF/RF active solutions, as required.
  • 4-to-1 WideBand DiSeqC LNB switches. (2-to-1 also available) (pdf)

Passive Solutions

  • BB/IF passive filters Equalized/non-Equalized. (pdf)
  • BB/IF passive Amplitude Equalizers.
  • BB/IF passive Group-Delay Equalizers.
  • Other BB/IF/RF passive solutions, as required.

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