NewCore products have been designed with the customer and engineer in mind. That is, the integration and implementation of the provided modules is easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, NewCore has put in place a technical support group to help customers. All inquiries and requests shall be made via email; clarifications and discussions may be made via email or telephone. All final replies will be made via email.

The procedure operates as follows:

  1. Registered customers who require Technical Support will initiate a request via email.
  2. Once received by NewCore, NewCore will issue a "Web Case number" and inform the sender of this tracking number via email.
  3. The engineer assigned to the case will, if required, contact the sender for clarifications and discussions.
  4. Once a solution is proposed, the sender is required to provide a written reply, within a reasonable time, so that NewCore Quality closes the case.

With each case, NewCore will put all the efforts necessary to bring about a successful and timely solution to its customer's technical issues.