NewCore was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


NewCore Technologies’ mission is to design, develop, and supply state-of-the-art and advanced innovative solutions to IP & Telecom Wideband, Broadband, and Ultra-Broadband systems worldwide.

The Company

NewCore designs, develops, licenses, and supplies integrated System-On-Chip (iSOC) and complete sub-systems for Wideband, Broadband, and Ultra-Broadband wireless and wireline communications. Our product portfolio includes solutions for Broadband fixed wireless high and ultra-high capacity radios, high-speed optical transmission systems, and Internet Protocol (IP).


NewCore’s competitive advantage is its team members' proven experience in the design and implementation of high-speed digital signal processing encompassing the complete design space, from system to silicon.

The company’s development is based on solid technology foundations in advanced telecommunications architectures (Sonet, SDH, ATM, GigE, RPR, and others...), modulations, multiplexers, FEC, Encryption, broadband and ultra-broadband RF and Optical systems.

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